Questions for Bobby Jindal

This week is the Republican National Convention, but given the conditions of Hurricane Gustav, it is questionable whether or not Governor of Louisiana, Indian-American Bobby Jindal, will speak. However, the New York Times does a brief Q&A with Jindal in “Questions for Bobby Jindal” this weekend. What surprised me the most was:

Q: You oppose abortion and stem-cell research, and just this month, you declined to renew a bill prohibiting discrimination in the workplace. Do you see yourself as an archconservative?

A: I am conservative. No doubt about it. But when you go back to what it means to be a conservative, I also think, as conservatives, we should believe in universal health care coverage.

I am shocked, just shocked, to hear that any Republican is for universal health care coverage and wonder what he exactly means in terms of implementation. I wonder how his fellow Republicans feel about this?

Although I don’t agree with most of Jindal’s policy positions, I am disappointed that he probably won’t be speaking at the RNC. I think it is a good thing when any “people of color” are highlighted at the highest levels of government, especially Asian Americans, which are often overlooked.

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