Maria Kang: No Excuses for the Average
“What’s Your Excuse?”
“Me, I have none.”

I consider myself very average, perhaps just a tad below in terms of overall lifestyle. I’m not particularly ambitious and relatively healthy with a few lifestyle adjustments to cope with inherited medical conditions. I work to pay mortgage, bills, and fund upcoming wedding … painfully average.

So coming across internet memes with paraplegics running track citing “Your Excuse is Invalid.” have always struck a chord with me. In my average existence, I know I could be so much better than what I currently am, I’m just making excuses and not putting in the work. It’s about goals and having enough gusto and belief in oneself to step forward and overcome.

This is how I interpreted Maria Kang’s “What Your Excuse?” picture … posted on HER page meant for people who follow HER and are interested in FITNESS.

Why does the internet continue to take everything out of context? Why do people always feel what they come across is directly about them?

Sure the phrase, “What’s Your Excuse?” is provoking – that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to do. It’s supposed to incite something and motivate action. No need to sugarcoat it or play with kid gloves. Life is hard. Accomplishing stuff, is hard.

I applaud her for her non-apology. I completely agree that it is not her fault for people interpreting her intention through their own excuses. And I’m sure she wasn’t speaking to those who have legitimate medical concerns that would certainly limit their abilities. She’s talking to the average. Someone like me.

Sorry Akypti, you’re my sister et al, but I agree with your hubby. To be fair, I used to roll my eyes at friends who would post their diet/ fitness routines on Facebook – including “What’s Your Excuse?” and “Your Excuse is Invalid” memes and macros, until I started exercising and training regularly a couple months ago; one hour, twice a week. .

While I didn’t have any body issues, I was still unhappy at its flabby, unfit state. My doctor also recommended I start exercising knowing I hadn’t for quite a few years. The motivation that kicked me into action was after getting engaged, I wanted to get the body that I’ve always wanted before I relinquished it to baby-incubating. I thought, “I better do it now or else I may never be able to do it at all.” Perhaps that’s vain of me, as I’m not a mother yet and therefore only think of myself and what I’m going to lose. However, if I don’t get or at least attempt to be the best I can be now, how am I going to be an example to my child and have them strive to be best they can be? I will have no excuse for that.

So a first glance look at Maria Kang’s picture IS inspiring to me. It shows me that after I deliver several bundles of joy, I too can get my body back to where I want it to be. I suppose in my personal circle, I don’t have to look further than my cousin-in-law, who underwent a dramatic weight loss before conceiving child No.8, was down to her high school weight. The family is now larger than the Von Trapps. If she can do it, so can I. Applause all around. No excuses to be found.

I think I’m more baffled that she’s being blamed not for the overall message, but using those three words … in which she’s just following an already existing, widely used, fitness/ goal oriented internet meme. It’s not original or even clever.

I’m more perplexed as to why the dad or many others who inspired the controversial photo didn’t get the same notoriety or vitriol tossed at them as Mrs. Kang. As future hubby stated, “They probably think that, but don’t say anything.” Perhaps that’s really the issue at play.

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