In Search of Asian American Female MMA Fighters: Michelle Waterson

I’ve only recently become obsessed with female MMA fighters, so I decided to embark on a search for Asian American female MMA fighters. In my search, I found Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson. My first impression when I saw all the scantily clad model pics of her online was, “Oh no, she’s not one of those models who are only cashing in on the attention by pretending to be a MMA fighter, is she?” I cringed at all the objectifying images of her that far overwhelmed any actual fighter photos of her. And “Karate Hottie”? I was mortified over the nickname. I hate those “top hottest female MMA fighter” lists because it’s like, come on, they’re fighters not playboy pinups! Can’t a girl be measured by the content of her fists instead of the size of her bust? Feeling the gloom of disappointment looming overhead, I decided to go where the truth can always be found–in the ring, where fists don’t lie.

As I started watching a fight video of her, I was already on the negative, noting how her opponent seemed to have more cut and muscular arms, but I knew I had to wait for the fight to start to really know. As it began and Waterson moved full speed ahead, I watched with growing delight as she performed reversal after reversal, pulling herself out of one tight situation after another, and all the while, giving her opponent a good wholesome pounding. By the end of the video, I was elated and completely rooting for her and couldn’t wait to devour every last footage available of her in action in the ring.

Going back to the the google images of her, I picked out the one that I liked the most, one of her in full fight gear with a maniacal mouth-guard filled smile, and I found that it was for a Sports Illustrated interview with her. Waterson commented on her “Karate Hottie” image, and I loved what she said:

Because if that’s going to get me in the door so people can actually see how skilled I am as an athlete, that’s fine. I’ll play the game.

Now when I see those “Karate Hottie” pics of her all over the internet, I smile, because I know it’s the dangling bait for the ignorant and simpleminded that Waterson uses to lure people into the ring with her, where she rudely awakens them to the desert of the real. We’ll see who’s strong enough to take the red pill.

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