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Tiger Parent Worship in HBO’s ‘State of Play: Trophy Kids’

“If she’s crying that’s good, because I’m going to make her tough.” – Andre Avery, after making his daughter cry with his criticism her golf play In a documentary full of disturbing parental behavior, one thing that particularly disturbs me … Continue reading

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Cross Country: An Ideal Asian American Youth Sport?

While I have seen many heavily Asian American teams at high school cross country meets, one thing that I have recently began to notice is that increasingly, some of the winners are Asian Americans.   After seeing this interview with runner … Continue reading

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Coaching Asian American Kids in Youth Sports

Coaching Asian American kids in youth sports has some unique challenges.  During my twelve years of coaching youth sports, I have worked with a lot of Asian American kids, and while for the most part, they are just like kids … Continue reading

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Tamari Miyashiro hoping for a shot at NCAA volleyball title

“Looks like we have a team of all liberos!” When I was coaching The Daughter’s volleyball team, that was one of my fellow coaches’ comments about our team of short Asian girls.  For those of you who don’t know volleyball, … Continue reading

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Asian Kids in the Little League World Series

“She’s too fragile!” I have heard this a number of times from Asian parents as an explanation why they don’t let their daughters play sports.   I’m glad that the Filipino parents of Asian-Canadian Katie Reyes didn’t feel that way.   Katie … Continue reading

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Asian American Childhood Obesity on the Rise

“Do I have to play basketball this summer?” asked Number One Son.  He really didn’t want to do sports this summer, and apparently he is not alone.  This article mentions that Asian-American boys have the lowest sports participation rate (39%) … Continue reading

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Adding a Helping of Heritage on a Full Plate (Part 3 – Stuffing your kid’s Plate)

While I was taking Number One Son to the emergency room, I felt like the worst parent in the world… In what activities should we push our children? How hard? Why do we push them? These are all questions that … Continue reading

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