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When Strict Parenting Becomes An Educational Hindrance

Every summer, I coach volleyball at a sports clinic at my children’s school. Over the years, I noticed a Vietnamese boy in Number One Son’s class who would attend the sports clinic but never played on any of the school … Continue reading

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Tamari Miyashiro hoping for a shot at NCAA volleyball title

“Looks like we have a team of all liberos!” When I was coaching The Daughter’s volleyball team, that was one of my fellow coaches’ comments about our team of short Asian girls.  For those of you who don’t know volleyball, … Continue reading

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Asians Can Roof You Too

It’s about that time of year where most volleyball players start shifting from outdoors to indoors. Not too long ago, I joined the regular crew at our usual gym to rally up a few games. A pretty funny incident happened … Continue reading

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Kevin Wong: Professional Volleyball Player

I was flipping through channels when I saw an AVP beach volleyball tournament.  Having played and coached volleyball for many years, I settled on that channel.  The score display said: Gibb/Rosenthal 4, Wong/Olson 4 Wong?  One doesn’t see many names … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin and the Challenges Facing Asian American Athletes

“That team could use some black kids!” This was the comment of Number Two Son, pointing to the mostly white team that his mostly black team beat in an NJB game. That incident came to mind when I saw this … Continue reading

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