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Love and a Bully lead Ben Nguyen to Victory at UFC 193 in Melbourne

While the Holly Holm – Ronda Rousey fight was the focus of most people watching UFC 193 in Melbourne, Asian American Ben “10” Nguyen’s win over Ryan Benoit in the prelims caught my eye.  Announcer Joe Rogan called Nguyen’s performance … Continue reading

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Family Fights back after losing Two Sons to Pediatric Cardiomyopathy

Because I have two teenagers who are active in an extremely strenuous sport and one of them (Number Two Son) started complaining about chest pains, I started reading an article with a title about children dropping dead from exercise.  What … Continue reading

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7 Ft Tall Bhullar Brothers Take On Basketball

I’m relatively obsessed with height. I’ve always dreamed of not just being an awesome basketball player, but also looking like I belong comfortably in the paint*. I even tried to play in 8th and 9th grade. I had the same coach both … Continue reading

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Mirai Nagasu Joins the U.S. 2010 Olympic Women Figure Skating Team

Over the weekend, Arcadia, California native and sixteen year old Mirai Nagasu came in second place in the 2010 US Figure Skating Championship to secure a spot on the U.S. women’s figure skating team for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Earlier … Continue reading

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Asians Can Roof You Too

It’s about that time of year where most volleyball players start shifting from outdoors to indoors. Not too long ago, I joined the regular crew at our usual gym to rally up a few games. A pretty funny incident happened … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s New 2009 World Games Stadium Completely Powered By Solar Energy

It’s not the Olympics but Kaohsiung, Taiwan is currently hosting the 2009 World Games (世界運動會), an international multi-sport event meant for sports that are not contested in the Olympic Games. Running from July 16 through the 26th, the games features … Continue reading

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