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The Model Minority Myth applied to Asian-American Health

When I was 34, my doctor refused to biopsy a lump I found in my right breast.  He told me I was too young to get breast cancer and had no family history. Besides, he said, “Asian women don’t get … Continue reading

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Asian American Childhood Obesity on the Rise

“Do I have to play basketball this summer?” asked Number One Son.  He really didn’t want to do sports this summer, and apparently he is not alone.  This article mentions that Asian-American boys have the lowest sports participation rate (39%) … Continue reading

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Freaky Japanese Weight Loss “Boneless Belt” Makes You Look Worse Than Being a Fatty

Crazy weight loss gimmicks are certainly not unique to Japan, but I’m trying to figure out why anyone would use this “Boneless Belt” underneath their clothes. An anonymous commenter says that “the name supposedly comes from the term “boneless ham,” … Continue reading

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Japanese Dog Does Squats with Owner, in Better Shape than 90% of all Americans*

Maybe you’ve seen the video of a border collie doing squats alongside a Japanese guy. No? Is this a fluke? No! Check them out– outdoors work out! Even though you’ll see this video out there “from” other sources, these videos … Continue reading

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Tall, Short and Segregated Asians: Six Lessons from a Basketball Season

My sons finished their very long basketball seasons last month, and I was surprised how some of my own views on sports, basketball, and Asian-Americans changed after what seemed to be an endless season. Here are six lessons that I … Continue reading

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