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Asian American Commercial Watch: Yamaha Piano Red Envelope Commercial

When I saw this television commercial recently by Yamaha, I felt like Yamaha is really targeting and reinforcing the Asian stereotype that we all play the piano or violin. LOL! But seriously, it was only after watching the commercial on … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Google’s Android: Monotune

https://youtu.be/xLhJIFC8xkY During this year’s Grammys, Google debuted a new Android commercial called “Monotune”: “A piano has 88 keys. Each one is different. But what if they were all the same? To find out, we took apart a piano and reengineered … Continue reading

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Adding a Helping of Heritage on a Full Plate (Part 3 – Stuffing your kid’s Plate)

While I was taking Number One Son to the emergency room, I felt like the worst parent in the world… In what activities should we push our children? How hard? Why do we push them? These are all questions that … Continue reading

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