Boyz II Men makes it on the road (in Asia)

Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD…mmmmm hhhhmm… I loved Boyz II Men back in the early 90’s. I mean as soon as they sported the blue denim shirts and ties, I was all over it. “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” was the inevitable theme song I listened to just before graduation. I’m dating myself, but I’ll be man enough to admit I was a fan of Boyz II Men. So when I found this article about Boyz II Men touring in Asia, I thought maybe they are definitely making a comeback, like New Edition, Expose, or Da’ Boyz. (If you know any or all of the above, you’re dating yourself too. And yes I know Da’ Boyz never went on tour again. I was just testing you.) My hopes of ‘east coast philly harmony’ fell flat as I continued to read on…

“The music industry has changed over the years and there are so many charismatic bands around. The audience was familiar with their older songs and couldn’t appreciate their newer songs. As for their voice, they seemed to have aged so it felt less appealing,” said project manager N. Prem Anand, 38.

And as I continued to read the article, the slight chance I ever had of watching Boyz II Men on tour in the US, simply faded into obscure memory. I’ll feel really old the day I see today’s pop stars fall into obscurity too. Look out Justin and Christina, P Diddy and… wait a second, I am old. I don’t even know which pop stars are cool anymore. If that’s the case sign me up for the Boyz II Men fan club. I’ll be waiting.

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