Filipinos most sedentary, WTF?

overweight.jpgAccording to a study conducted in Irvine, CA, Filipinos are most sedentary among Asian Pacific Americans. The article states that 76.3% of Filipinos interviewed reported very little to no physical activity. And the other fact noted is that Filipino men also have the greatest tendency to be overweight.

Ok, so I’ll admit when I go to a family party and I see a piece of lumpia, the natural tendency is to pick it up and eat it. (How can you blame me? You know you can’t turn down a piece of lumpia.) And yes, I’ll admit that the natural tendency from my Filipino-American upbringing is to finish everything on my plate and not waste ANY food. Childhood scars of memories past, when you weren’t allowed to leave the table till you finished all your food.

But before I go further, let’s take a look at the data. The article states that 76.3% of all Filipinos interviewed reported very little to no physical activity. I mean, gee whiz, what were you frickin’ thinking, people? Obviously, if you’re questioned for an interview you had to get up and pick up the phone to answer the survey question, or walk in the mall to answer the kid holding the clipboard. You were actually doing a physical activity before you even answered the question. Now, the physical activity may have not been strenuous exercise, but geez, it was a physical activity. Let’s try not to admit laziness to our asian brethren; be smart, people!

And to the second point: I’d beg to differ that Filipino men who have the greatest tendency to be overweight. Look at the our superstar hero, Manny Pacquiao. He’s the Super Featherweight champion of the world; FEATHERWEIGHT, NOT OVERWEIGHT. And for that small percentage of you who actually do have a tendency to fit in the overweight category, post a picture of Manny Pacquiao in your bathroom, and promise yourself to beat the next Latin contender who steps into the ring. I bet you’ll lose 30lbs just thinking about it.

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