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Are There Flesh-Eating Zombies?

You’ve heard of Grace Lee, right? Sure you have. From The Grace Lee Project, her wonderfully hillarious film about people named Grace Lee. (And I totally know how she feels. One of these days, I’m going to do a Mike … Continue reading

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marshmallows and yumberries are fancy

I was at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco yesterday where I was swallowed up in two cavernous exhibition halls of food. Happy to say that Asian foods had a huge presence, whether they were “yumberries” (kind of like … Continue reading

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Damn you, Asian red-face syndrome

Aaah, Asians and alcohol. As carefully documented by dozens of Asian-themed college parties, some Asians can drink to their hearts content. My father is one of those people, and his stories involving his Naval career and bottles of whiskey are … Continue reading

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Jin says “Fuck you Rosie” in style

Ok, get this. Chinese American Hip Hop rapper Jin tha MC disses hard on Rosie O’ Donnell, calling her a fatty and saying, “You ain’t funny.” After the Ching Chong debacle and sampling The Donald “You’re Fired” tis nice. Nice. … Continue reading

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“My Sassy Girl” comes to American Theaters

So those who know me and have been victim to my sassy shenanigans will note that I frequently point to Korean Romantic Comedy classic “My Sassy Girl” as an explanation for my propensity to pass out drinking (kidding – maybe) … Continue reading

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Class Divide in Chinese-Americans’ Charity

I just read this interesting article in The New York Times on “Class Divide in Chinese-Americans’ Charity” where the premise of the story is that “Rich Chinese-Americans are more likely to donate to mainstream institutions than to the poor, nonprofits … Continue reading

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Congressman David Wu Highlighted on The Daily Show

This is my first blog posting ever! I have the great honor of being invited by Ernie to blog for this site! So I will start off about writing about one of my favorite TV shows – The Daily Show. … Continue reading

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Wanna be a Hiro?

A friend recently asked me: “What would you do if you had Hiro’s powers?” Hmmm. The power to stop time, go time-traveling, and teleportation. Hot damn! Well, right off the bat, I thought: Would I use my powers for good? … Continue reading

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Hot Mechanic Model Dyke Outs Jolie & Madonna as “Hasbians”

Actually, you know that kind of blogpost title should yield *all sorts* of really fun kind of spam and search results. Right? Right?!!! But seriously folks, the hottest shaved head woman that we know, Jenny Shimizu, has outed Angelina Jolie … Continue reading

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Pass the Pork

Sure, there are Asian vegetarians that exist in the world somewhere – the Bay Area Buddhist temples that serve vegetarian food on weekends come to mind. But for the most part, us Asian-American kids pride ourselves in eating every part … Continue reading

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