Hot Mechanic Model Dyke Outs Jolie & Madonna as “Hasbians”

Actually, you know that kind of blogpost title should yield *all sorts* of really fun kind of spam and search results. Right? Right?!!!

But seriously folks, the hottest shaved head woman that we know, Jenny Shimizu, has outed Angelina Jolie & Madonna, seduced the love object of Lloyd Dobbler (oh come on! you gotta know the Say Anything reference) Ione Skye who dumped Beastie Boy hubby Adam Horowitz for her, and could tenderly still kick your ass with those amazing tattooed arms of hers.

Can you just imagine how that conversation went down between Ione Skye & Adam Horowitz when she dumped him to date Shimizu?

Adam: “Say whatcha whatcha whatcha want, whatcha want”

Ione: “Pussy.”

Shimizu’s got a tell all book. Woo. Should be good masturbation fodder.

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