Wanna be a Hiro?

Hiro Nakamura A friend recently asked me: “What would you do if you had Hiro’s powers?”

Hmmm. The power to stop time, go time-traveling, and teleportation. Hot damn!

Well, right off the bat, I thought: Would I use my powers for good? Or for evil? And would I have to wear tights? I hate tights. They’re so… constricting. Plus you have all those unslightly buldges. But I digress.

Using my powers for good means making society better for everyone, including my Mom and Dad. That makes me happy.

I could save kittens out of trees, get toodlers off the highways, and teleport tons of Big Macs to third-world countries. I could even rescue people from NYC subways, since it’s apparently a trend now.

Using my powers for evil means spending eternity in Hell. With thieves and hookers. Potentially really hot hookers (no pun intended).

Evil means stopping time to rob banks and wander into girls’ dressing rooms. Or going back in time to buy lots of Internet stocks and placing bets on Super Bowl games. Hells yea. (Then I could build a casino hotel and call it Mike’s Pleasure Palace.)

But using my powers for evil would be bad. And being bad would make me a sad panda.

So maybe I’ll use them for good. Like, if there was a cheerleader in trouble somewhere, I’d go and save her. Because, you know, save the cheerleader, save the… eh, you know what I mean.

What would you do if you had Hiro’s powers?

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