Congressman David Wu Highlighted on The Daily Show

This is my first blog posting ever! I have the great honor of being invited by Ernie to blog for this site! So I will start off about writing about one of my favorite TV shows – The Daily Show. Jon Stewart, in this clip, shows Congressman David Wu. Jon Stewart is sort of mocking David Wu, but I think Congressman Wu sort of dug his own hole making an analogy between the Vulcans & the Klingons. Leonard Nimoy & George Takei make a “guest” appearance via a telephone call.

Why do I care about David Wu? Because David Wu is the *only* Chinese American in Congress. There are other Asian Americans in the House & the Senate, but as far as I know, he’s the only Chinese American one – representing the first Congressional district of Oregon. I’m glad that there are Asian Americans in the legislative branch, but in general, there are not too many Asian Americans actively involved in politics. Last year in 2006, The Democratic Party held it’s first National Asian American and Pacific Islander Democratic Leadership Summit. Whenever I go to political fundraisers or gatherings, it’s always rare to see an Asian American involved – and I live in California! Get involved – it’s your country!

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