marshmallows and yumberries are fancy

marshmallows with collagen for your skin!

I was at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco yesterday where I was swallowed up in two cavernous exhibition halls of food. Happy to say that Asian foods had a huge presence, whether they were “yumberries” (kind of like rambutan) from China or Indian food (huuuge) or chocolates from Korea. According to signs up in the hall, 57% of specialty food consumers purchase Asian foods.


Notable were “collagen marshmallows” from Japan, a “functional food” which serves to erase wrinkles. Seriously, you eat these, and supposedly the collagen (3000 mg per marshmallow) finds its way to your (hopefully) facial cheeks. (Goodbye botox?)

collagen marshmallows

Anyway, way to REPRESENT! Just to note: there were 2 soy sauce vendors in the entire Asian food contingency. Lee Kum Kee and Kikkoman.

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