Stanford to Santa Rosa

mayzhou.jpgWhere is Mengyao “May” Zhou? That was the question asked earlier today, when authorities searched for a 23 year-old electrical engineering Ph.D. student from Stanford. Her father put up a reward, her friends and acquaintances wondered aloud, and then…

Her car was found in Santa Rosa, a town over fifty miles, a bridge, and two counties away from the Stanford campus. They opened the trunk and discovered Mengyao’s body, a sad end to a frantic search.

Her father is quoted as saying, “My daughter was very organized…If she had wanted to commit suicide, she would have sent some kind of indication. I don’t see any evidence there, any indication she was depressed.” This only stamps further in my mind that she probably committed suicide–those who want to commit suicide (and are “successful”) rarely let on their intentions. Police are continuing their investigation–but I’m afraid of all the possibilities–of homicide, and suicide.

All of the answers are ridiculous and sad.

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