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Father & Son Reunion

I couldn’t help but get totally choked up (disclosure: I’m an adoptee searching for my birthfather, too) when I saw the news about Olympic skiing medalist Toby Dawson reuniting with his Korean birthfather. This is the answer to so many … Continue reading

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DO We All Look the Same?

So often Asian people are convinced that they can “tell” who their fellow Korean- or Japanese- or Chinese-Americans are. Or that they can identify members of other Asian-American groups. But can we really? When I pass other Asian-Americans on the … Continue reading

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Asian Chick Lit By Asians Who Would Rather Not Call Attention to the Fact That They’re Asians

I was mesmerized by Jeff Yang’s article about “Asian Chick Lit” in today’s SF Chronicle. It describes the decline in “regular” (um, read “white”) chick lit at the same time as an explosion of Asian-American authors writing about young, professional, … Continue reading

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Attention, People with Korean-y Blood

If you are partly or wholly Korean, you might want to check this out: (thanks to Green Fertility for the heads-up) Sam is 21 years old. He was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia over the winter break; a good match … Continue reading

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War Hero Faces Court Martial and Prison

Who is Ehren Watada? He is a twenty-eight year old Japanese-American army lieutenant on the brink of facing court martial and prison for refusing to fight in the Iraq war, calling it illegal. He enlisted in the Army as an … Continue reading

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