Attention, People with Korean-y Blood

If you are partly or wholly Korean, you might want to check this out: (thanks to Green Fertility for the heads-up)

Sam is 21 years old. He was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia over the winter break; a good match for a bone marrow donor could greatly increase his chances for survival. He is a hard bone marrow match because he is biracial (Korean/western European). Potential donors (18-60 years old) with similar Asian and/or European backgrounds are his best chance.

There are currently only 10 potential matches for Sam in the bone marrow database throughout the world — and they may or may not ultimately match or be available.

More info on how to register as a bone marrow donor andif you specifically want to be tested to help Sam Cross.

There is also a national Asian American donor registry, and the test doesn’t hurt a bit. I checked it out and there are several Asian-American patients who are waiting for bone marrow matches. Their stories are so compelling and moving. If you are Filipino, Filipino-Caucasian, Chinese, Thai, Chinese-Caucasian, people (mostly young people and little kids) are waiting.
How can you say no to someone like this?

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