Father & Son Reunion

200702280027.gifI couldn’t help but get totally choked up (disclosure: I’m an adoptee searching for my birthfather, too) when I saw the news about Olympic skiing medalist Toby Dawson reuniting with his Korean birthfather. This is the answer to so many of Toby’s questions, but also the beginning of an emotional rollercoaster that comes with reunion.  I couldn’t help but be  moved by the father’s story – that he LOST his three year old son in a crowded market.  A year later, he was placed for international adoption.  The whole notion just blows me away.  Is this father telling the truth? If so, what a debacle on the part of the Korean police/protocol for missing children/adoption network.  It’s insane. I hate to say it, but I think these practices are more common than any of us would want to believe.

I wish Toby the best as he starts this emotional new relaitonship.

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