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Bobby Fischer dead at 64

It was all over the news today that chess legend Bobby Fischer has passed away at age 64 in Iceland. Aside from his chess prowess, Fischer later became known for his anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiments, even though his own mother … Continue reading

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Quiz! Who’s on Social Networks?

This research article, Whose Space? Differences Among Users and Non-Users of Social Network Sites, reports on a research study by Eszter Hargittai in Communication Studies and Sociology at Northwestern University. It finds connections between use of social network sites and … Continue reading

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YouTube Fridays: 天上智喜 aka CSJH The Grace

File this under NOSE BLEED. Definition (in case you, like Ernie, didn’t get this reference.) Nose Bleed – characterization in anime of (generally males) getting hot and bothered … and then some. In a continuing effort to sex up this … Continue reading

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‘Nanking’: How valley engineers raised awareness of ‘forgotten holocaust’

In Thursday’s San Jose Mercury News, the newspaper reports, on the eve of the premiere of the documentary “Nanking,”the efforts of a group of engineers who started back in 1992 and helped author Iris Chang research her book, in the … Continue reading

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Nurses from the Philippines face charges after quitting jobs

Ten Filipino nurses face criminal charges for quitting their jobs on grounds of conspiracy and child endangerment. Prosecutors allegedly claim the nurses jeopardized the lives of several terminally ill children they were in charge of watching. For months the nurses … Continue reading

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WSJ: In China, Grass-Roots Groups Stretch Limits on Activism

Last week,  The Wall Street Journal wrote “In China, Grass-Roots Groups Stretch Limits on Activism,” describing the plight of Ma Chen and her autistic daughter. With much effort, Ma Chen has tried to start and expand her school for autistic … Continue reading

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Asia Pop TV: James Sun’s new venture

I’ll admit, I’m fairly out of the loop when it comes to North American television, however, Apprentice Series 6 runner up, James Sun recently taped what he calls an Asian Pop Culture show, K POP. K … several things jump … Continue reading

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Japanese Design Robot Suit for Farmers

File this one under AWESOME. Researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology unveiled a robot suit designed to assist farmers reduce the effort of their backbreaking work. Researchers hope to have the technology in use in 2 years … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookies Not From China or America, But Japan

Aaah, the fortune cookie. They either have embarrassing fake Confucian quotes or lottery numbers. Along with chop suey or crab rangoons, they’re usually the dishes where I can yell at my white friends about Chinese food that isn’t really Chinese.* … Continue reading

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Yul Kwon – ‘Survivor’ alum considers run for Lantos’ seat

In today’s San Francisco Examiner, the newspaper reports that San Mateo, California resident Yul Kown may run for Congressman Tom Lantos’ open this fall in “‘Survivor alum’ considers run for Lantos’ seat“: “The 32-year-old registered Democrat said Tuesday that he … Continue reading

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Body found on Mount Tamalpais is that of missing IRS agent

I’m not really sure what to write. I just heard that the body found on Mount Tamalpais is indeed Veronica Ruiz’s. She died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, reports SFGate. I’m conflicted about writing this. Not … Continue reading

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Asian Americans voters face discrimination

As this year’s election heats up, it’s disturbing to read this Reuters article on “Asian Americans voters face discrimination“:   “ATLANTA (Reuters) – Asian American voters fear the discrimination some faced at polling stations in 2006 could resurface as they … Continue reading

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