Bobby Fischer dead at 64

Bobby Fischer - Life CoverIt was all over the news today that chess legend Bobby Fischer has passed away at age 64 in Iceland. Aside from his chess prowess, Fischer later became known for his anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiments, even though his own mother was Jewish.

So what’s the tie to 8Asians?

Since 2000, Fischer had lived in a de facto marriage in Japan to Miyoko Watai, a Japanese women’s chess champion, and the President of the Japanese Chess Association. In 2004, Watai did an interview in an article entitled ‘We want to live together forever’ which described her relationship with Fischer and some insights into their life in Japan. Evidently, Fischer was a fan of “natto” fermented soybeans on boiled “genmai” brown rice and with miso soup.
Miyoko Watai
The article gives insight not only to Bobby’s life in Japan, but also to the mindset of the woman who loved him. It’s quite a fascinating read.

In the end Fischer may be remembered as both a genius and a nut job, but his mark on the world of chess will not be soon forgotten.

RIP, Bobby.

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