Asia Pop TV: James Sun’s new venture

I’ll admit, I’m fairly out of the loop when it comes to North American television, however, Apprentice Series 6 runner up, James Sun recently taped what he calls an Asian Pop Culture show, K POP.

K … several things jump out at me.

1 – On his blog he says it’s an Asian Pop Culture show – it’s called K POP: The Korean Wave – A closer look into Korean pop culture. This is where I will shameless plug my podcast POP 88 which truly IS an Asian Pop Culture show inclusive of things, Japanese, Chinese AND Korean. My pronunciation may be a tad mangled, but I claim to be no expert.

2 – Apart from the title, I really have no idea what the show is about, or what I’m to expect in terms of content. Sure the trailer looks really flashy in its MTV-style camera work and upbeat track, but how many times have we been duped paying for a movie ticket only to find out the best bits were in the trailer? So far I see bits of interview segments with singers and dancers, the club scene and a shot of an actress eating – groundbreaking.

3 – The caption for girl group SeeYa went out as CIA, which tells me, whomever is putting this together, doesn’t really know much about Korean pop culture to even get that right. It was written on their album … in English.

4 – While attractive, seemingly bright with an A-type personality that hits you like a ton of bricks, James Sun, talks a really huge game. I do think he’s an excellent businessman – but as a host/ reporter? I suppose anything is better than the over explanation of Arirang Showbiz Extra.

Of course, these are the things that immediately jump out at me and I do know how hard it is to produce decent programming especially for such a niche market. I’ll wait till the third episode.

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