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Asian American Studies Gains Traction at Tufts University and Ithaca College

Asian American studies seems to be gaining some traction as Tufts University recently approved the creation of an Asian American studies minor.  Ithaca College also recently approved an Asian American studies minor.  These colleges are way ahead of Princeton University, … Continue reading

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NPR: Unique Obstacles For Asian Americans In Voting

On Wednesday, National Public Radio (NPR) did a story on the unique obstacles for Asian Americans in voting. Usually, the latest controversy on voter ID addresses minority groups like African-Americans and Latinos. But rarely the concerns of Asian Americans are … Continue reading

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An Asian American Story: No More Questions

While Asian Americans sometimes talk about establishing Asian American studies programs as a way to capture and remember our history that has often been ignored or forgotten in mainstream textbooks, Asian American history lessons can be surprisingly close to us, … Continue reading

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8Asians At The DNC: Asian American Justice Center (AAJC) Honors Christine Chen of APIAVote

On Day 2, after the Asian American & Pacific Islanders DNC Caucus meeting and daily briefing, I attended the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC)/National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)/National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Luncheon Reception: Honoring … Continue reading

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#170in7: Bone Marrow Cyberdrive in Memory of Janet Liang

Janet Liang, a vibrant 25 year old UCLA graduate and a leukemia patient who spent years championing leukemia awareness and Asian American bone marrow registration, passed away last week. In Janet’s memory, 8Asians is partnering with a network of other … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Wells Fargo’s “Noodles” I caught this Wells Fargo ad recently, supposedly about a female small business owner who manufacturers noodles and is seeking to expand and needs a loan from Wells Fargo. I wonder about the voice over for that woman – … Continue reading

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Host Bars – The Changing Face of South Korea

Living under the threat of a nuclear war by a meglo-maniac does have its stressful time, but South Korea has successfully put the threat of doomsday into the back of its mind and is instead surging forward in its pursuit … Continue reading

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No!!!!!!!! Michelle Kwan is Engaged!

As anyone who has followed me on this blog, you probably could tell that I have had a crush on figure skater Michelle Kwan for the longest time. I had the real great honor of seeing Kwan compete in the … Continue reading

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Filipino Americans Win Settlement in English-Only Discrimination Suit Against Delano Medical Center

69 nurses and other medical personnel will share a $1 million settlement of a discrimination suit against Delano Medical Center.  The Filipino workers were subject to an English only policy that banned the use of Tagalog and other Filipino languages … Continue reading

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Janet Liang Dies after Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant

Janet Liang has died after receiving the bone marrow she and others had worked so hard to make possible.  While she lived, she inspired many to register in the bone marrow registry, potentially saving many many others.  Some might be … Continue reading

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Final Danny Chen Courts-martial set for Late October and November

The Fayettesville Observer notes that the final three Danny Chen related courts-martials are set for late October and November.  First Lieutenant Daniel Schwartz, Sergeant Jeffrey Hurst, and Staff Sergeant Andrew Van Bockel are each facing several charges.  In the five … Continue reading

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8Asians At The Democratic National Convention: Exclusive Interview With Jay Chen for Congress

I’ve blogged about Jay Chen’s run for Congress in Southern California, and a fellow blogger has interviewed him over email, but I had a chance to meet Chen in person while attending various Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) events … Continue reading

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