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Having an Asian Moment: Moon Bloodgood in ‘The Sessions’

I am currently in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival (or “TIFF” as they call it in the biz). I have been here for over a week. I have seen almost 30 movies. The stadium-style seating movie chair has … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Osteoporosis

Asian American women have a high risk of Osteoporosis, according to this article from the US Health and Human Services Department. Osteoporosis is a disease the weakens and thins the bones, making them easier to break. It usually affects women … Continue reading

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8Asians At The DNC: Asian American & Pacific Islander Delegates Meet and Greet

The first event I attended at the 2012 Democratic National Convention was the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Delegates Meet and Greet, about a 10 minute walk from the Charlotte Convention Center. This year, the DNC set a new … Continue reading

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Pasola, Participation & Why We Stand By What We Write

In the island of Sumba in eastern Indonesia, there is a yearly fertility ritual performed in the western territory called Pasola. In no means do we try to grossly oversimplify or pretend to understand this ritual, but the basic idea … Continue reading

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Asian American Cities are the Most Nonpartisan In California

Asian American voters have been cited as potentially critical swing voters in states like Nevada, Virginia, and Florida, but those looking for Asian American swing voters should look to California. This San Jose Mercury News analysis shows that the 7 … Continue reading

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Speeches By Asian Americans at the Democratic National Convention & Republican National Convention

As I had blogged earlier last week, I attended the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina for (I’m still recovering and catching up and will blog my overall experience of the convention soon). The Democratic National Committee and … Continue reading

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Clara C. Performs The Camel Song For At: Guitar Center With Nic Harcourt

Asian American artist and YouTube sensation Clara C. recently performed live in Los Angeles as part of the At: Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt podcast, an ongoing series where emerging artists can share their music in an intimate setting for … Continue reading

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Do Asians Have Souls?

No, Asians do not have souls. End of article. For the record Asians are also aliens, Asians can fly, and Asians have no peripheral vision. Okay, Asians aren’t aliens, Asians can’t fly, and Asians do have peripheral vision. But whether … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Study “Traditional” Martial Arts In America

Overheard at a recent expat party, a young professional with that superficial “Hey, how are you, I think you’ll do great things in life, you’ve got a lot of talent and passion” schpiel he’d say in one way or another … Continue reading

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Fourth And Fifth Soldiers Sentenced In Danny Chen Case

The fourth and fifth soldiers tried in association with Danny Chen’s suicide have been sentenced: Sergeant Travis Carden was convicted of hazing and maltreating Danny Chen, was demoted and had to forfeit two thirds of a months pay. Specialist Thomas … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin’s Late Night Escape In Taipei & 60 Minutes Profile Coming This Fall

As I have blogged earlier this summer, basketball sensation Jermey Lin traveled to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and back to Taiwan to promote the NBA and himself as well as participate again in basketball training outreach to the youth in … Continue reading

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The Happy Minimalist On Living The Simple Life

Back in 2009, I blogged about my Singaporean American friend Peter Lawrence’s self-published book, The Happy Minimalist – Financial Independence, Good Health, and A Better Planet for Us All. Now,  Kirsten Dirksen, co-founder of *faircompanies (a news/blog/video site focused on … Continue reading

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