Jeremy Lin’s Late Night Escape In Taipei & 60 Minutes Profile Coming This Fall

As I have blogged earlier this summer, basketball sensation Jermey Lin traveled to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and back to Taiwan to promote the NBA and himself as well as participate again in basketball training outreach to the youth in Asia.

Apparently, CBS’s 60 Minutes is doing a profile on Lin that will air sometime later this fall. While following Lin during his visit to Taiwan this past summer, CBS producer Pete Radovich found himself with some downtime and an idea for a short film:

“So Pete teamed up with Lin and Golden State Warrior forward David Lee to make this flick. It’s about Lin and Lee making a late-night escape from the press and paparazzi, in pursuit of a real-life pick-up ball game on Taipei’s Xingsheng courts. The first part of the film is scripted and acted as Lin, going stir-crazy in his hotel room, dons a disguise to sneak by the press camped out in the hotel lobby. As the pro players head to the local courts, the action is real. There’s no script here, just five cameras lying in wait, not visible to any of the Xingsheng players, who are still unaware of the surprise guests headed their way. And here the reality and raw energy really begin, as Lin and Lee arrive at the courts, surprise the guys, and an authentic and memorable moment in sports happens.”

I can’t wait to see the 60 Minutes profile!

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