The Happy Minimalist On Living The Simple Life

Back in 2009, I blogged about my Singaporean American friend Peter Lawrence’s self-published book, The Happy Minimalist – Financial Independence, Good Health, and A Better Planet for Us All. Now,  Kirsten Dirksen, co-founder of *faircompanies (a news/blog/video site focused on simple living) has produced a short documentary about him. Having been to Peter’s apartment before, I can see how the video really does portray Peter’s simple living with little possessions.

As I had mentioned before, I can’t even imagine living like him – but it definitely makes moving pretty easy. I do agree that having more money and more possessions doesn’t mean more happiness. But I think Id rather sleep in a bed and sit on a sofa than sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag and sit on the floor. Take a look at the video and see if you could really live like Peter!

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