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Where White means Mediocre: High-Skilled Asian Immigrant Enclaves

“Are you taking AP [Advanced Placement] courses?” “Oh no, I’m white.” – Conversation overhead by a teacher in Cupertino. Stanford sociologist Tomás Jiménez has been studying immigrants and the communities they live in, and he recently published what he found … Continue reading

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Asian American Cities are the Most Nonpartisan In California

Asian American voters have been cited as potentially critical swing voters in states like Nevada, Virginia, and Florida, but those looking for Asian American swing voters should look to California. This San Jose Mercury News analysis shows that the 7 … Continue reading

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Census 2010 Results Show Indian American Population Surge

Walking through my company’s newly renovated cafeteria, I looked behind one of the counters and noticed something like what you see to the right.  For those of you who don’t know, it is a tandoor, an oven used in cooking … Continue reading

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