Host Bars – The Changing Face of South Korea

Living under the threat of a nuclear war by a meglo-maniac does have its stressful time, but South Korea has successfully put the threat of doomsday into the back of its mind and is instead surging forward in its pursuit of pleasures. Its current biggest export, otherwise know as K-pop, is taking over the world gradually. In fact, one of the latest hit songs, Gangnam Style by Psy, actually sets the background for this post.

A series of new bars are opening in Gangnam, the most affluent area in Seoul, but are catering towards females. In other words, men are openly selling their company, looks and whatever else they possess. Whilst sex is not openly sold (being illegal), it happens under the table (or on the table, depending on the situation). In fact, this is reminiscent of Japan where business men go to meet highly educated women to have a companionship with (again, sex is optional).

What this article did point out however is in South Korea’s high-tech revolution (like, you can check the picture of the cow when you buy your meat!), people may be physically closer due to population growth but socially more distanced. Whether it’s work that keeps couples apart or just the fact that the social character makes people hard to connect (I’m looking at you Japan), what bothers me in a way is that this is only a symptom of a bigger problem. Is our innate quest for a better education, a higher-paying job squeezing out the social element in us?

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