Irwindale Drops Lawsuit Againt Sriracha

Mayor Mark Breceda of Irwindale is stating that the city has dropped the lawsuit against Sriracha after meeting with owner David Tran and two representatives from California’s Governor Jerry Brown and touring the plant. They will be revisiting the situation once chilli grinding season starts in midsummer.

Personally, the lady complaining about the garlic smell makes me wonder–I would love to wake up to the delicious smell of garlic every morning. Then again, I know “aroma” and “stench” are relative words. I once stunk up the school teacher’s lounge by heating up my stuffed salmon lunch, and half of the teachers loved the “delicious” smell, while others pinched their noses an gagged at the “fishy” stench. Glad to see everyone’s trying their best to get along.

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