Self-Segregation in Religion

So I was out having dinner with a few friends and the topic of religion came about. One of the guys basically invited us to his church and the question came up on whether or not the church accepted mixed races. The reason actually was because the gal whom my friend was asking for had a mixed little one, and wanted to know that they were in a welcome place instead of facing what I would imagine would be some racial scorn.

All the while, I poked at my buddy and asked him how many Asians there were in his church. Now, I knew the answer here being that the congregation was brand new and a very small number, but he replied with “you’d be the first.” Boy, like I haven’t heard that one before.

What was interesting about this entire conversation was that it got me thinking. How many churches actually are fairly welcome of mixed couples or even are pretty diversified? Most churches that I’ve ever been to had an overwhelming majority of one side or another but never anything that was similar to what you would see as diversity in a college class or what not. I’ve also been to a few Asian churches in my day and I have to say that it’s really no different. It seems that we self-segregate for faith and diversity is hard to come by.

Now I have to admit, I haven’t been to as many churches recently and this is purely based on my personal experiences, but is it the same elsewhere? Different?

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