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Gifts That Look Like Me

I know recently there’s been a backlash against the whole Elf on a Shelf phenomenon. If you aren’t a parent, then you might not know what I’m talking about. Elf on the Shelf is a book that comes with an … Continue reading

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Stuff That Should Stay in Asia: Singing & Spinning Happy Birthday Flower Candles

Have you seen these fire hazards known as “The Amazing Happy Birthday Candle?” Easily found on the Internet and evidently legal and available in the United States (via Amazon and other websites), these candles have been popular in mainland China … Continue reading

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Awesome Photoshop Trend: Hello Kitty-fying Superheroes

We already know that Hello Kitty is not a cat, that Hello Kitty is also for men, that you can get pretty much anything you want emblazoned with Hello Kitty on it, and that if you need to get away … Continue reading

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Dear Hello Kitty Fans: Why It’s OK She’s Not a Cat

Dear Hello Kitty Fans, I know you’re upset that Sanrio has recently surprised the world by saying that Hello Kitty is not a cat. But really, as a long-time Sanrio fan, I’m not sure why many of you are quite so … Continue reading

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American Girl “Archives” Asian American Ivy Ling Doll

Back in 2010 I wrote about the few available Asian appearance dolls on the market for our Asian American daughters, and more specifically as a Christmas present for my own five year old daughter. Top of my list was the … Continue reading

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“Cards of Legend” Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

There are few universes which could justify to be labeled “epic”, but the lands of Miyamoto’s Legend of Zelda series is definitely one of those few deserving. The lore and characters extend to more than Link, Zelda and Ganondorf. From … Continue reading

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Color Ink Book, Volume Fourteen

Admit it: you still wish you could pull out a coloring book, and make everyone have green tongues and purple hair again. With the fourteenth volume of the Color Ink Book ($10), you have a grown-up chance to do it … Continue reading

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Snakebyte PS3 Bluetooth Controller

Picture this: you’re kicking back, playing your best game of Soul Caliber ever. You’re just about to beat the campaign when someone walks into the room, trips over the controller cord, and sends your entire gaming console to the ground … Continue reading

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Transformers USB Drive

Back before Michael Bay got a hold of it, Transformers was an animated TV series with sleek robots instead of the hulking behemoths. For those who remember those times, you can show off your geek cred with this Ravage Transformers … Continue reading

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Chinese-English Baby Blocks

A is for apple. B is for ball. C is for…you get the idea. Growing up, learning English letters with blocks was simple. But what happens if you’re raising a baby in a bilingual household? Luckily, these Chinese English blocks … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Mimobot Flash Drive

How can we say no to the Mimobot x Hello Kitty 2GB flash drive ($23)? With this new “toy,” we have a place to store all our data, and we have something cute to stare at while we save heaps … Continue reading

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Handmade Blue Totoro Doll

Just because you grow old, it doesn’t mean that you have to grow up. Even if adults can’t see Totoros, you can always keep them around in the form of a plush. This 7″ Crocheted Blue Totoro ($25.00) is great … Continue reading

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