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Hello Kitty Monopoly Set

It’s Monday. And that means that you have the entire week ahead of you: why not break out this Hello Kitty Monopoly Set ($28.21) and start one of the cutest Monopoly games you’ve ever seen? The game tokens include a … Continue reading

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Itazura Coin Stealing Cat Piggy Bank

Keeping track of your loose change can be mundane, so why not let a feline friend do it for you? Take advantage of this neko’s fascination with shiny things and keep him happy with your coins. To use the Itazura … Continue reading

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Munko Blind Box Figure by David Choe

Sometimes, knowing what you’re getting when shopping can be so mundane. So why not buy yourself a surprise with these Munko Blind Box Figures ($11) by David Choe. You’ll get one of twelve possible variations of the Munko whale. Or, … Continue reading

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Hug Me Slug

Usually, slugs are one of the things that you absolutely want to stay away from (unless you’re armed with a hefty dose of salt). But with these personalized Hug Me Slugs ($34), you might just change your tune. You get … Continue reading

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Octopus Kamifusen

Do you wish you could be under the sea in an octopus’ garden beneath the waves? Even if you don’t, this Octopus Kamifusen ($2) by is cute enough to spend a little time with. It comes with a string, … Continue reading

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Street Fighter World Map Desktop Wallpaper

Alright, so this isn’t really something you can buy but it’s free and too damn cool to not show off. GamesRadar put together a free desktop wallpaper, depicting the world according to Capcom’s Street Fighter. Download and enjoy.

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Hello Kitty Monopoly

If you thought Monopoly was a boring board game, think again with this Sanrio twist. We’re all about this Hello Kitty Monopoly game ($28.21) on the classic Hasbro game, complete with 6 themed collectible tokens for her hometown of London.

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Animal Kamifusen Paper Balloons

Traditional Japanese paper blow-up balloons get a little animal twist with these fun creatures. The pack of four Animal Kamifusen ($6) would be a perfect favor for guests at a kid’s party, or even a fun room decoration.

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Kawaiigiri Plush Toy from Susuten

Rice balls are pretty much some of the most delicious things ever. Too bad this Kawaiigiri Plush Toy (12.50 €) aren’t edible but they’re just as delicious looking. Actually, it’s probably a good thing that you can’t eat this toy … Continue reading

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Huge Totoro Slipper

Okay, we’re still trying to figure this out. It’s a giant Totoro shaped slipper ($25.70). Note that it’s just one slipper and not a pair for both feet. One furry slipper to warm both of your feet at the same … Continue reading

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Pea Pod Plushies by Mochi Studios

Not only are peas delicious, but they’re also especially adorable like this plush pair ($26) sewn by Rita Chu’s Mochi Studios. Made from soft plush material with details embroidered by hand, each pea pod is made to order and measures … Continue reading

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Ninja Bunny Army!!

The Etsy Plush Team, a collective of artists working together to further the ambitions of squishy plush toys everywhere, is now offering your very own team of ninja bunnies. The Ninja Bunny Army ($40) includes five different ninja specialists made … Continue reading

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