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Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Pencil

While more and more people are going paperless, there’s no substitute for putting pen to paper. Of course, pens are permanent but smooth writing pencils are hard to come by. This Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil ($16.50) is one such pencil … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year “Angry Birds” Red Packets

While you may be familiar those generic red envelopes issued by banks and supermarkets, we think it’s time to upgrade this Chinese New Year tradition and bring it into the 21st century. Why not break the status quo and wish … Continue reading

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Mini Sushi Staplers

Here at GASP!, we do so ever love our sushi–everything from sushi pillows to t-shirts and even sushi earrings. This time we offer you mini sushi staplers ($5.00 each) that will go great on any sushi-lover’s desk. Available in Tuna, … Continue reading

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Off the Boat Greetings

Wouldn’t you like to receive e-cards that held aspects of creativity, humor and aesthetics altogether? Off the Boat Greetings provides a variety of cards with clever expressions that are a twist to the words of wisdom shared by the older … Continue reading

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2012 Slide Calendar

With every new year comes a slew of resolutions–to keep a diet, exercise more, and eat right. The new year also brings the opportunity to choose a new calendar to keep you company–why not give this 2012 Slide Calendar ($13.50) … Continue reading

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Iwako Zoo Animals Eraser Set

Sometimes, it seems like the last time we used a pencil was in high school. Maybe that’s for the better, now that there are so many cute Iwako erasers, like this Zoo Animals Set ($5.54). Featuring seven take-apart erasers in … Continue reading

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Shinzi Katoh Lion Letter Set

They say that the days of snail mail are over. But you can bring them back in style with this Shinzi Katoh Letter Set ($8.00) from Omiyage. The set includes 10 sheets of writing paper, 5 envelopes, and 5 stickers. … Continue reading

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GOTM!: Back to School

Another month is here, so it’s time for Goodies of the Month! (GOTM!). Here are some essentials to get you ready for the “Back to School” season. 1. Scented pens: Why not organize your notes by scent with these fragrant … Continue reading

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Decoupage Washi Tape Clothespins

Clothespins are one of the most utilitarian items out there. Not only do they hang up clothes, but they can serve as pretty good paper clips too. So why not mix practicality with good looks with these Decoupage Washi Tape … Continue reading

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Octopus Kamifusen

Do you wish you could be under the sea in an octopus’ garden beneath the waves? Even if you don’t, this Octopus Kamifusen ($2) by is cute enough to spend a little time with. It comes with a string, … Continue reading

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Japanese Washi Masking Tape

Masking tape: who wants to use it when it’s so boring and monochrome? We’d much rather see this Japanese Washi Masking Tape ($3.80) from Zakkalover. For the price, you get 16 yards of pretty tape, plus a “mysterious gift”. There … Continue reading

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Koi Fish Washi Pencil Set

Sure, almost everything is done digitally over email and whatnot but there’s nothing more satisfying than writing with a good pencil–or writing on the go with style, thanks to this set of 10 Koi fish washi pencils ($9). Each pencil … Continue reading

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