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Kenneth Eng needs help.

It was reported earlier this week that Kenneth Eng, “Former AsianWeek columnist charged with attempted assault in NYC.”  Yes,  the same Kenneth Eng who wrote the idiotic column in AsianWeek “Why I Hate Blacks.” I wrote about Kenneth this past … Continue reading

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AsianWeek: Speed Dating for Asian Singles [in the Bay Area]

My friend Linda just sent me this AsianWeek article on “Baring it All: Speed Dating for Asian Singles” (Note: Linda is profiled in the article as one of the co-founders of Bay Area Asian Rendezvous Events. The article goes on … Continue reading

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“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t Asian…”

Before I say anything else, for the record, I am quoting someone else! I do not feel this way at all! Ok, now that’s clear, I want to make some commentary on the statement above. I, for one, have always … Continue reading

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Long live Takeru Kobayashi!

A week ago this past Saturday (June 2nd), San Jose native Joey Chestnut broke Takeru Kobayashi of Japan world’s record by eating 59 1/2 hot dogs and buns at the Southwest Regional Hot Dog Eating Championship in Arizona. As you … Continue reading

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Ken Jeong: America’s Funniest Doctor

So I just got back from watching Knocked Up, which is one of those few movies out there that can combine scenes that are completely raunchy and totally heartwarming to make a thoroughly entertaining movie. And one of the stand-out … Continue reading

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Grow up, Michelle Wie!

Actually, I like Michelle Wie. I kind of feel sorry for her. She’s only 17 and the whole world watches her every move and criticizes everything she does now that she doesn’t look like a kid. But then I realize, … Continue reading

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Ok, so this doesn’t have anything to do with McDonald’s, I just felt like making another post with a “Mc” word in the title. I saw this image at and there was something funny about the juxtaposition of Mr. … Continue reading

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In the Name of the Father: The Search for Asian Male Role Models

last night, after cursing myself for not having snatched up the domain name during the nascent years of online social networking, i lay in bed mulling over ponderous existential questions about modernity, identity, and the dying light of french … Continue reading

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