Ken Jeong: America’s Funniest Doctor

So I just got back from watching Knocked Up, which is one of those few movies out there that can combine scenes that are completely raunchy and totally heartwarming to make a thoroughly entertaining movie. And one of the stand-out performances: hilariously assholic (is that even a word?) OB/GYN doctor, Dr. Kuni, played by Ken Jeong. And one of the reasons why he got cast? BECAUSE HE’S A REAL LIFE DOCTOR.

Ken Jeong has been blending comedy & medicine all of his life. After graduating Duke University & attaining his MD at the University of North Carolina, Ken completed his Internal Medicine residency in New Orleans while developing a cult comedy following.

While in New Orleans, Ken won the Big Easy Laff-Off. Late NBC president Brandon Tartikoff and Improv founder Budd Friedman judged the competition and advised Ken to move to Los Angeles. Once residing in LA, Ken began performing regularly at the Improv & Laugh Factory. Soon after he appeared on ABC’s “The View” and was named “The Funniest Doctor in America.”

Ugh. This Asian-American underachiever is throughly jealous. As my former roommate says: “Easy enough to follow your dreams when you’re filthy stinking rich.” To watch his full potential for obscene craziness, check out this deleted clip from Knocked Up below: (NOTE: OBSCENE LANGUAGE)

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