Ellen is a Super Asian American!

Magnet EllenA friend of mine recently wrote about a childhood magnet she found under her parents’ fridge (ew, what was she doing down there?). The magnet says “Ellen is a Super Kid” (obviously her parents have an ironic sense of humor). She added something about the story that caught my eye though:

As you may notice, the girl on the magnet originally had blond hair. I colored it with a black sharpee when I was about 7 years old. See, I was such a smart kid. Make that a “SUPER KID”!

No, it’s not that she’s got a corny sense of humor, it’s that the magnet’s little girl was originally blond.

How many times, in your past, have you had gifts & items with Caucasian characters on them?

To be fair, businesses have noticed this and entrepreneurs are already rising to fill the niche of non-Caucasian characters for minority markets. Like Dolls Like Me, for instance. (And if you see a niche not yet filled, what are you waiting for?)

Which makes me wonder – is anyone going to fill the niche of creating Japanese-looking mannequins in Japan? That’s got to be a great niche. And filling it would make you a… Super Asian American!

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