Minority Kids are Hot!

They are! And savvy entrepreneurs know it.

Entrepreneur Magazine reported one of the hottest 2007 business trends as being in the minority kids market. Nearly half of the children under 5 in the U.S. are part of a minority group, be it Asian, black, or Hispanic. That’s one large group.

Young-uns are a marketer’s dream come true. If you can lock your brand in early enough, you potentially have a customer for life. At least, that’s the thinking behind advertising in elementary schools, debatable as that is.

Other business owners are taking a more socially-conscious approach. One great idea: Dolls Like Me. They have dolls of every ethnicity, color and culture (and gender!). Who wants a blonde bimbo with long legs (cough, Barbie) when you can have a doll that’s just like you.

Another great idea: SUBE: Learning Language thru Art, Music & Games. They offer fun English & Spanish courses for children from preschool through 5th grade. Perhaps an enterprising reader here will create one for Asian languages too, maybe?

More ideas for the aspiring entrepreneur:

  • Cooking classes aimed at kids are growing in popularity. Why not a cooking class aimed at multi-ethnic recipes? Xiao long bao, okonomiyaki, bulgogi, lumpia, the list is endless.
  • Party planning for teens is also a growing market. Why not an party planning service aimed at multi-cultural events? Chinese New Year, Doll’s Festival, Harvest Moon Festival, Children’s Day, and many more.

See? When it comes to the minority kids market, opportunities abound. It’s an emerging market with a lot of potential and a wide range of possibilities – and it’s only going to keep growing. And in a few years, you’ll probably see me saying, “Minority Teens are Hot!” followed by “Minority Adults are Hot!”

(Photo credit: hshar on Flickr)

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