POP 88: March 19/07 Teaser Show #2

I’ve ripped up the script and will only be reading the news from now on – except, I have no news to read this week … anyhoo …

I coerced a few of my friends into partaking in a verbal game I designed for this very podcast. (Play along!) They were a bit shy at first, but once they got it, they really got into it.

Of course, I’m still bringing you music including new tracks from Yuna Ito, a hot hip hop collabo from DJ Mayumi and the latest from Epik High.

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( ) romanization [ ] translation

1 – Intro (bkgd) – 아름다운날들 – The 빨강 [Bal kang](The Red)
– Vol. 1: The 빨강 (2005) – Yedang Entertainment Company

2 – Emperor’s Main Course – Kid Koala
– Xen Cuts (2000) – Ninja Tunes

3 – I’m Here – Yuna Ito
– I’m Here (Single) (2007) – Sony Music

4 – Chance – 황보 (Hwang Bo)
– Lady In Black (2007) – Fantom Entertainment

5 – 일요일 맑음 (Iryooil Marlgeum) – Loveholic
– Nice Dream (2006) – Seoul Records

6 – Diamonds feat. Jamosa, Luna, Silva, ia – DJ Mayumi
Berry Jam Mixed Up (2007) – Victor Entertainment

7 – You Got To feat. S-Word – DOUBLE
Vision (2002) – For Life

8 – Fan – Epik High
Remapping the Human Soul (2007) – CJ Music

9 – So Exclusive (Clazziquai Project Remix) – M-Flo loves Sowelu
Dope Space Nine (2005) – rhythm zone

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