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Daughter of the Late Pat Morita Protests Karate Kid Remake

Quentin Lee’s FilmHustler blog published a great interview with Aly Morita asking her thoughts behind her protest of the new Karate Kid movie that opens this weekend. While Edward criticized Aly for passing judgment on a film she hasn’t seen, … Continue reading

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Trailer for 2010 The Karate Kid Remake with Jackie Chan Released

Which is awesome, how they’re totally doing karate. Oh, wait. –Ernie Oh, where to start with the mockery? Let’s start with the whole karate/kung-fu thing. Simply put: Karate = Japan; Kung-Fu = China. Martial arts nerds can go on about … Continue reading

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Royal Kill To Be Finally Released

Japanese-American actor Pat Morita finished the movie Royal Kill before he died in 2005, but only now is it being released.  What took so long?   The most logical explanation is that with a lack of A list stars and a … Continue reading

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