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Paget Kagy – #YangGang YouTuber & ‘Kat Loves LA’ (Season 2) Available

‘Kat Loves LA,’ Season 2. I first came across writer, producer, actor, creator Paget Kagy when I started seeing YouTube recommended videos about her vlogging about Andrew Yang (her first video starting July 3rd). https://youtu.be/n840Y-5U9wo As you know, I’ve often … Continue reading

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Q&A with Paget Kagy of ‘Kat Loves LA’ and EXCLUSIVE new episode early release

By Dawn Lee Tu Exclusive for 8Asians readers, check out Episode 6 of Kat Loves LA here before it gets released on 1/28! Star, writer, and producer of Kat Loves LA, on not denying your Asian American identity, making that … Continue reading

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