Paget Kagy – #YangGang YouTuber & ‘Kat Loves LA’ (Season 2) Available

‘Kat Loves LA,’ Season 2.

I first came across writer, producer, actor, creator Paget Kagy when I started seeing YouTube recommended videos about her vlogging about Andrew Yang (her first video starting July 3rd).

As you know, I’ve often complained about Asian Americans not being politically involved since the very beginnings of Asian American women are especially not very politically engaged (based on voter registration, voting rates, and from my observations attending political events in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally).

So I was quite surpirsed to see an Asian American woman like Paget vlogging so passionately about her support for Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, and consistently on her YouTube channel.

I haven’t watched all her videos on Yang nor have I watched the ones I have watched end-to-end (some are fairly lengthy), but I knew that she was based in Los Angeles and was an actress. It was only when Paget had posted her video that I learned more about her challenging entertainment career as well as her YouTube series ‘Kat Love L.A.’

Only after doing more research did I find that actually had a guest blog post about her series back in January 2018 for the debut of the YouTube series. I felt really stupid that I hadn’t been already aware of her YouTube series!

So I decided to bing watch both Season 1 (8 episodes) and Season 2 of ‘Kat Loves LA’ over 24 hours (it was easy – the episodes are all less than your typical sitcom), and overall enjoyed both seasons. The series is:

Kat Loves LA is a modern-day romantic comedy series told from the Asian American female perspective set against the multicultural backdrop of Los Angeles. It will challenge cultural norms while living in the familiar constructs of romance, relationships, identity, a pre-mid-life criss and personal discovery from the lens of Kat Park, a Korean American actress who is barely surviving an industry that isn’t always welcoming.”

The production values are high, and in Season 1, Paget definitely confronts your typical issues around Asian American dating. What I also found interesting was the difference between the persona of Paget, who comes across as a fiercely passionate #YangGang supporter and her character Kat in her YouTube series, which is more of a uncertain wallflower – which only reinforced to me that Paget is really an actress.

I had commented on her YouTube videos, reached out to her via LinkedIn and afterwards, email, to make some further comments after doing more research on her background. One thing I had discovered, and was amazed, was that her father, a successful lawyer, published Transpacific Magazine, one of the first Asian American magazines in the U.S., in the late 1980s. I had SUBSCRIBED to Transpacific Magazine. I was in college back then and was shocked to see such a glossy magazine exist (I had also subscribed to ‘A Magazine,’ which was much less “glossy.”)

In a follow-up email, I definitely encouraged Paget to keep on her political #YangGang vlogging and wished her the best of luck in her acting career. She had mentioned she hadn’t done as much promotion about Season 2 of ‘Kat Loves LA,’ so I thought I’d also promote Season 2 when I blogged about her.

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