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Sacramento Area Asian Americans arming themselves during Crime Wave

While the wave of robberies targeting Asian Americans in the Sacramento area has declined in some neighborhoods like Oak Park, where police have concentrated resources, crime and fear have increased in other Asian neighborhoods like Meadowview, Fruitridge, and Pocket, to … Continue reading

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Vanessa Pham, 19, Was Stabbed and Killed Prior to Car Crash

It’s heartbreaking to hear about young, vibrant people whose lives are cut short for any reason. I can only imagine the heartbreak that Julie Pham must be reeling in with the loss of her only child. But to find out … Continue reading

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UCLA Medical Center Funded by Japanese Mobsters

We’ve all heard the joke about UCLA standing for the “University of Caucasians Lost in Asians” but what do you call this news? LOS ANGELES — A Japanese gang boss and another alleged gangster who had liver transplants at UCLA … Continue reading

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Ninja Grandma Lives in Strangers Closet for a Year

In completely absurd news that, yet again, “shames our people” out of any perception of model minority-ness, this tidbit from Tokyo is fascinating. TOKYO – A homeless woman who sneaked into a man’s house and lived undetected in his closet … Continue reading

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