UCLA Medical Center Funded by Japanese Mobsters

We’ve all heard the joke about UCLA standing for the “University of Caucasians Lost in Asians” but what do you call this news?

LOS ANGELESA Japanese gang boss and another alleged gangster who had liver transplants at UCLA Medical Center each donated $100,000 to the hospital soon after their surgeries, according to a published report.

The donations came from two of four Japanese gang figures who received liver transplants at a time when several hundred Los Angeles-area patients died while awaiting transplants, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The newspaper published a story Thursday about the liver transplants and posted a separate story on its Web site late Friday discussing the donations.

According to the Times, a donation of $100,000 came from Tadamasa Goto, 65, who leads a gang called the Goto-gumi.

A plaque on an entryway to a surgery office in the hospital reads, “In grateful recognition of the Goto Research Fund established through the generosity of Mr. Tadamasa Goto,” the Times reported

Now of course there are a few notable things to remark on about this article:

1. Oh, those Japanese mobsters with their lavish gifts. I mean, a “research fund”? That makes a gift of cubic watermelons seem downright silly by comparison.

2.Liver transplants. Both of them. Because you know, those Japanese mobsters sure do love their sake.

3. Gang tied Japanese leapt ahead of LA residents in getting a Liver transplant? Man. They have connections everywhere.

4. Everyone. And I mean EVERYONE, appreciates a lovely plaque.

(Modified on a Flickr photo, credit: the_jim)

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