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Is This The Ghost of Elisa Lam?

A photo by a Riverside boy has been making the social media rounds as possibly being a “ghostly apparition.” Taken outside a window of The Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, The Cecil is infamous for being a part-time home … Continue reading

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Police Seek Help Regarding Beating Outside OC Nightclub; 23-Year-Old Asian American Woman Now Dead

An Asian American woman (who has not yet been identified by the press, by request of family) was brutally beaten and later died (as reported by OC Weekly) after a fight outside of The Crosby, a Santa Ana (Orange County, … Continue reading

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Japanese Snail Salon I used to play with garden snails all the time as a kid, collecting them, feeding them, and racing them. They are the cutest little things. But letting them crawl across my face as an anti-aging salon treatment? Um, … Continue reading

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Alison Gold’s Horrible “Chinese Food” Song, from the Same Guy who did Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Says our 8Asians tipster, “Awful awful video from the same dude who wrote the Friday song by Rebecca Black.” This video is so bad, I can already see the parody videos flooding my inbox now. I can honestly say I … Continue reading

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Quin Woodward Pu gets Dumped by Text and How She Gets Back at Him

UPDATE: Apparently, Quin Woodward Pu lied in her blog post about forwarding the sexts to the guy’s boss. “Pu tells HuffPost she did not, as initially claimed, actually forward the texts. ‘He is safely and soundly still employed,’ she says. … Continue reading

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Tibetan Mastiff Dog Not Best Impersonator of Lion at Chinese Zoo

From SF Gate: “Workers at a Chinese zoo thought nobody would notice when they replaced a lion with a big dog. But then the dog barked. And didn’t really look like a lion.” I’m not sure what is more amusing … Continue reading

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