Alison Gold’s Horrible “Chinese Food” Song, from the Same Guy who did Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Says our 8Asians tipster, “Awful awful video from the same dude who wrote the Friday song by Rebecca Black.”

This video is so bad, I can already see the parody videos flooding my inbox now.

I can honestly say I watched and listened from beginning to end and I don’t know what I find most atrocious: the Japanese geisha girl outfits, the reference to “Oriental Avenue,” the subtitles inexplicably in every language, the creepy looking rapping panda, or simply the horror of what passes as “singing on YouTube” these days.


Of course, I don’t have to tell you that the foods she sang about chow mein, broccoli (beef?), and fortune cookies, are about the most Americanized Chinese foods there are. (See Ben’s “Why American Chinese cuisine isn’t exactly Chinese” and Ernie’s “Fortune Cookies Not From China or America, But Japan”)

If there is anyone to blame, I think it’s Patrice Wilson, the guy who first unleashed Rebecca Black on the world. He goes by the stage name “Pato,” but you’ve seen him… he’s the black guy dressed as the panda and hanging out with a room full of pre-teen girls in their slumber party bedroom. I had to make sure that it’s Pato, and not “Pedo.”

Yo, I’m running out of synonyms for “bad” to describe this video. Your turn.

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