Quin Woodward Pu gets Dumped by Text and How She Gets Back at Him

UPDATE: Apparently, Quin Woodward Pu lied in her blog post about forwarding the sexts to the guy’s boss. “Pu tells HuffPost she did not, as initially claimed, actually forward the texts. ‘He is safely and soundly still employed,’ she says. He’s also been back in touch.”


Here’s one woman I wouldn’t want to cross.

Quin Woodward Pu, a self-styled “memoirist” based in DC and author of “Type A+”, recently blogged about how she was dumped by text message by some “rando” guy.


Not letting him get off the hook for treating her like this, she took screenshots of the “sexts” that he sent her from his “tax-payer funded” phone and sent them to his superiors at work. And of course, she went forth and shamed him publicly on her blog.

Personally, I thought this was ultra-vindictive for an admittedly jackhole move by the dumb guy. Hopefully she doesn’t think I’m talking too much shit about her in this blog post and she doesn’t try to call me out or something cray cray. (Only half kidding. But still, if you’re reading this, please don’t come after me, Quin. I know you can’t take getting dumped by text message, but I hope you can take some friendly ribbing from me!)

h/t: Gawker and InTheCapital

Image credits: Qu Woodward Pu, LittleBlackBlog

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