What Asian American Kids Watch on TV: Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm

I saw Number Two Son watching A.N.T. Farm on the Disney Channel, about a group of brilliant middle school students who go to a San Francisco high school.  They are part of a gifted program for students who have “Advanced Natural Talents.”  Usually in this series, I write about the cool Asian American things that my kids find on TV or on the Internet.  What I found with my son this time was a show with a stunning lack of Asian Americans.

Given that San Francisco is a city with more than 30% of the population being Asian American and that Lowell High School, an academic magnet high school in the city, is more than 50% Asian, it seems weird that none of main characters or recurring characters are Asian American.  Sure, there are a few in the background, but nothing like I would expect from a San Francisco high school.  Ironically, the main character is named “Chyna” and is played by actress China Anne McClain.

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