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William is a very simple person who can't sit at a desk for an extended period of time without going insane. He is currently studying law but hopes to find a career with more than just daily paperwork. He believes that humans are blind to their own bias and often reason is merely a state of mind. He also doens't mind being contraversial at times, believing that accepted notions should be challenged to encourage greater thinking. He has a hunger for going off the beaten track and doing something other than the usual asian pursuits (karaoke!), and is passionate about hiking and extreme sports. He likes to kick back to music and a good movie now and then and is proud of having never been drunk in his life (or broken a bone!). Eventually, he wants to have made a difference to the world somehow, and strongly believes the maxim that glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever. Oh, and he likes to blog on 8asians and brag about himself in bios.

Papa John’s “Lady Chinky Eyes” Incident: What Does “Chink” Even Mean?

Minhee Cho made headlines after ordering pizza from Papa John’s and had her name misspelled as “Lady Chinky Eyes”. While I’m sure American Law gives the benefit of the doubt to the employee to defend herself as a mentally challenged … Continue reading

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Islam and Asians: Double Trouble?

If we were to chart the level of public knowledge and awareness about Terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and Al Shabab, the days following September 11 would show a massive spike that has continued. It is hard to imagine … Continue reading

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New York’s New Road Safety Guide In Haiku Form

I’m as knowledgeable about writing Haiku poetry as  Silvio Berlusconi is about being discreet, but this isn’t such a bad idea.  Signs in New York City have appeared which are designed to try and lift awareness of road safety in a … Continue reading

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The Breakthrough of Haruki Murakami

Who wrote a book that sold at over a million copies in one month, with hard copies gone before the end of the first day and averaging online at more than 1 a minute? You might be forgiven for thinking … Continue reading

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“Can You Speak English?”

I have an Australian accent. Having lived in Australia for over 20 years, I’ve surprised people when I meet then face-to-face after talking to them over the phone and we usually have the following exchange:

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