New York’s New Road Safety Guide In Haiku Form

I’m as knowledgeable about writing Haiku poetry as  Silvio Berlusconi is about being discreet, but this isn’t such a bad idea.  Signs in New York City have appeared which are designed to try and lift awareness of road safety in a light and humorous way. John Morse created a total of 12 different types, 10 in english and 2 in spanish, with the designs made to stand out in a cluttered landscape, although I am surprised there’s no Japanese signs.

It’s a good idea in a world where your every move matters (that’s one of the Haiku!) but I can’t help but feel from a planning perspective that it’s a band-aid solution and perhaps a unconscious response to the growing population of cities. Still, it does make for amusing reading, provided you can read and you don’t get hit by a car while reading. Has anyone seem them yet?  (Hat tip: Kayla Gordon from Planetzien)

[Photo courtesy of NPR]

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