Racist Job Advertisement Posted In Australia

Job advertisements usually describe what you need to apply for the position. A nice smile, great personality, hard working, willing to do anything to get one over your rivals (that’s not expressly written in legal advertisements but its implied), quick thinker, can’t be Asian or Indian, should speak English, can adapt….WOAH. Back up. Can’t be Asian or Indian and must speak English?? That’s apparently what this ad for a cleaner at a Coles (the second largest supermarket chain in Australia) store.

Coles has emphasised they do not discriminate and have expressed this to the contracting company. Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks wishes to seek legal action against the company that put the ad up (it was withdrawn pretty quickly), but she made a point we should have a look at.

“Ms Banks said she often received complaints about job adverts that discriminated against particular races.” What about an advert written in a different language to English? Does it discriminate on the basis of race in that usually a large proportion of local readers will not be able comprehend it? Does it discriminate on race because the advertiser obviously feels more comfortable with a person of his/her own race? Is there a difference between an advert that displays a position for a job and an advert that seeks a roommate? (Both will list out certain qualifications, but one cannot openly discriminate against race, the other can).

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